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Shareholder Protection

Shareholder protection could prove to be vital to your business in the event of death, or critical illness, of a shareholder. Have you got the right cover in place? Find out more

Partnership Protection

In the event of the death, or critical illness, of one of your business partners how would you provide the funds to buy out their interst and ensure the continuity of the business? Find out more

Key Man Insurance

Should a key employee of your business die or suffer a critical illness have you got the right plans in place to negate the financial ramifications this could have? Find out more

Business Loan Protection

How would your business repay any business loans should a key person or guarantor die or become critically ill? Find out more

Relevant Life Policy

Could you or your employees benefit from the tax efficient death in service benefits offered by a Relevant Life Plan? Find out more

Income Protection

Would you like the security of knowing that you have protection in place should you suffer loss of earnings due to accident or sickness? Find out more

Income Protection

Most of us view life insurance as essential. It's also important to remember Income Protection, also referred to as Permanent Health Insurance, which pays out if you're unable to work due to accident or sickness. Income Protection insurance is essential for most working adults, yet not many of us have the right protection in place. 

We can help you choose the Income Protection policy best suited to your needs. 

income-protection.jpgIf you claim on an Income Protection policy, it usually pays out until retirement, death or return to work. Budget policies are also available at a lower cost that will provide cover for a shorter, defined period. 

Payouts (which are tax-free) are usually based on a percentage of your earnings. The norm is 50% to 70%. Policies only pay out once a pre-agreed period has passed, generally ranging from 1 to 12 months. The longer the 'deferral' period you choose, the lower your premiums. 

Very few employers support their staff for more than a year if they can't work due to accident or sickness. Given how little help is available through state benefits, everyone of working age should consider Income Protection. 

It's important to understand that Income Protection isn't the same as Payment Protection Insurance. Payment Protection Insurance covers a particular debt , whilst Income Protection provides a tax-free percentage of your income if you're unable to work due to illness or injury. 

One of the key considerations when choosing the right policy is the definition that would be applied in the event of a potential claim. The most favourable definition is 'Own Occupation', which pays out if you're unable to carry out your current job. Next best is a 'suited' definition. This might mean accepting a job that is similar to your current role, but less physically demanding.

The right Income Protection policy will give you the peace of mind that your income will be protected, no matter what else might happen along the way.

At Moorgate Business Protection we treat the protection of our clients as seriously as they do and we always aim to provide a first clas, tailored service and relevant, fit for purpose solutions.

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