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Shareholder Protection

Shareholder protection could prove to be vital to your business in the event of death, or critical illness, of a shareholder. Have you got the right cover in place? Find out more

Partnership Protection

In the event of the death, or critical illness, of one of your business partners how would you provide the funds to buy out their interst and ensure the continuity of the business? Find out more

Key Man Insurance

Should a key employee of your business die or suffer a critical illness have you got the right plans in place to negate the financial ramifications this could have? Find out more

Business Loan Protection

How would your business repay any business loans should a key person or guarantor die or become critically ill? Find out more

Relevant Life Policy

Could you or your employees benefit from the tax efficient death in service benefits offered by a Relevant Life Plan? Find out more

Income Protection

Would you like the security of knowing that you have protection in place should you suffer loss of earnings due to accident or sickness? Find out more

Business Loan Protection

Does your business have outstanding borrowings? Perhaps, like many firms, you have loans, commercial mortgages or a director loan account on your books? Are those loans guaranteed by individuals in the firm?

If so, you need Business Loan Protection. It's a type of insurance that provides a substantial lump sum on the death of the person in your organisation guaranteeing the loan. 

business-loan-protection.jpgThe advantage of Business Loan Protection is that it allows you to repay debt that becomes due without panic or fuss. It ensures that despite the loss of the loan guarantor you will not lose your business. This type of insurance has become an accepted part of continuity planning. 

As well as applying on the death of a key person, Business Loan Protection policies can be created to pay out if someone is diagnosed with a critical illness. A Business Loan Protection policy is for any business that takes out a loan (most likely from a bank or one of the co-directors).

The level of cover reflects the amount needed to pay outstanding debts. Policies can be set up on a level or decreasing basis, depending on the type of borrowing involved. It is usually taken out on the life of the guarantor within your business. However, the lump sum is paid to the business rather than the deceased or their family. 

When a valid claim is made, a sum is paid out to settle an outstanding debt that might be called in on the death of its guarantor. The pay-out ensures your firm can continue to operate and has the funds needed to settle claims. 

Without Business Loan Protection, a business might be unable to pay back borrowing following the death of a key person. By taking out Business Loan Protection, a company enjoys cover that can save it from unexpectedly facing financial claims it cannot meet.

This type of protection is particularly important for the individual who takes on the role of guarantor, although it can be beneficial for others too. Otherwise, if that person were to die, their estate could be drawn upon to repay the loan.

Director loan accounts should be repaid on death. Business loan protection makes that possible. Without protection, many firms would be unable to meet their obligations. 

Lenders often make Business Loan Protection a condition of the loan arrangement, prior to releasing funds. Business Loan Protection can be arranged to last as long as the loan. For loans with more than one guarantor, loan protection can be set up to cover each one of them.

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