Shareholder Protection Partnership Protection Key Man Insurance Business Loan Protection Relevant Life Policy Income Protection

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder protection could prove to be vital to your business in the event of death, or critical illness, of a shareholder. Have you got the right cover in place? Find out more

Partnership Protection

In the event of the death, or critical illness, of one of your business partners how would you provide the funds to buy out their interst and ensure the continuity of the business? Find out more

Key Man Insurance

Should a key employee of your business die or suffer a critical illness have you got the right plans in place to negate the financial ramifications this could have? Find out more

Business Loan Protection

How would your business repay any business loans should a key person or guarantor die or become critically ill? Find out more

Relevant Life Policy

Could you or your employees benefit from the tax efficient death in service benefits offered by a Relevant Life Plan? Find out more

Income Protection

Would you like the security of knowing that you have protection in place should you suffer loss of earnings due to accident or sickness? Find out more
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Welcome to Moorgate Financial Services' dedicated website for business protection. At Moorgate Financial Services we aim to provide tailor made solutions to protect your business and its assets.

We dedicate ourselves to providing the expertise and personal service you need to make sure the future success and continuation of your business is protected.

Modern businesses need to make sure that their assets are covered against danger that could put their business in jeopardy; fire, theft and unforeseen events such as natural disasters are often covered as standard. With this in mind, it’s logical to cover the people that make your business run successfully.

Unlike a physical asset, such as a car, computer or desk which can be replaced quickly with minimal business disruption, the loss of a director, shareholder or key employee can be much more problematic. The experience, knowledge and understanding of key people within your business is paramount to it's successful daily operations.

Should unforeseen circumstances result in the loss of this ‘intellectual capital’ then even the most stable of businesses can be challenged. A carefully considered business protection product will aid business continuity if such a circumstance were encountered.

Moorgate Financial Services has the expertise to make sure your business is protected.

One example of a highly effective policy is Key Man Insurance, which ensures that your business is compensated for financial loss should a key employee unexpectedly die or become critically ill.

At Moorgate Financial Services we recommend you lend some thought to protecting the future of your partnership or company should the worst happen.

We also offer ‘Relevant Life Plans’, which are effectively a ‘death in service’ benefit that pays out a lump sum in the event of death. This tax-efficient policy is useful for small businesses who want to offer a death in service policy to their employees but is too small to sign up for a larger group scheme. This form of policy can also be very attractive to company directors.

We treat the protection of our clients as seriously as they do and we alaways aim to provide a first class, tailored service and relevant, fit for purpose solutions.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote, further details about our services or have any queries please contact us.

Information regarding taxation levels and basis of reliefs are dependent on current legislation, individual circumstances, are not guarateed and are subject to change.

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